Warehouses are used to store, produce or both. Most products, equipment, and materials are very expensive and must be protected against theft. Safety protocol may dictate that employees are restricted from accessing proprietary information such as designs, formulas, or research results. Wholesale merchandise is often stored in warehouses that need to be secured from theft. Many warehouses have had me call to offer a free consultation after equipment, product or materials were stolen. Management is often unaware of what happened because there was no security plan in place.

Businesses often hire security guards companies to protect their merchandise and information from being stolen. Most of them are not familiar with the company and don’t know what questions they should ask or what to pay attention to when hiring. Most cases of theft have occurred recently and owners or managers want to hire a security company as soon as possible. This is where I warn potential clients that hiring the wrong company can cause more harm than good.

An experienced security consultant will conduct a complimentary consultation to assess the client’s business and identify potential risks. He will ask questions of employees and managers to gain a better understanding of the business operations at the facility. He will then make recommendations to the top management for a security plan based on his findings. After the security plan has been approved, post orders will be made and the appropriate people trained and deployed. To ensure security services are provided in accordance with the security plan and any post orders, supervisors will visit the site often. After a few weeks, the security consultant will return to review and adjust the plan, after consulting with management, security guards, and security supervisors.

Management often hires a company without first researching whether a security company can provide the services mentioned above. The simple act of placing a security guard at an entrance or exit does not solve the problem. It will not stop theft from happening again. The wrong security company will cause more damage than good. It will create a false sense security. A professional security company will conduct research and present a plan.

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