Get Quality Backlinks – The Myths About Backlinks Revealed

Every webmaster knows it is crucial to focus on building backlinks. It can be a difficult task in case you aren’t aware of the process you’re doing. Everybody is talking about creating relevant backlinks, as well as backlinks from websites with a good Google page ranking.

What’s the need for high-quality Backlinks?

Google ranks websites’ pages with a variety of reasons. The most important reason is due to the content the site has and the number of backlinks it is able to get. Websites that have earned an extremely high rank on the page from Google indicates its credibility on the internet. Therefore, a website that has five stars on its page is more trustworthy than the website that has an average page rank of 3.

If the hyperlink to your website comes from a website with a high page rank, it will confer the backlink with more credibility and be considered a solid hyperlink by Google. Therefore, having five links from websites with a page rank of 5 is more valuable than 10 , if they come from web sites with zero page ranks. However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a mention; they do, however they are not very strong.

The myths surrounding backlinks Myth 1.

One of the misconceptions made by webmasters is that if they receive backlinks from irrelevant websites, Google does not consider these links and Google will punish you.

Yes, it is beneficial to have backlinks that are relevant and Google encourages this, however irrelevant backlinks are also a factor. One example I could offer is by visiting Google and entering the words “miserable failure” you’ll notice that the biography for the White House of George Bush ranks very high. The reason for this is due to the volume of backlinks to this site using the word miserable failure. 90percent of backlinks originated from non-relevant websites. Google employs a computer program to rank websites by looking at the amount and popularity of backlinks. The conclusion I’ve come to is that you’ll require some backlinks that are relative but don’t overlook the backlinks with high page ranking as they’re not pertinent.

If , for instance, you were writing an article about backlinks, and you include the link to your site which offers free products for beauty such as do not think that the backlink isn’t worth mentioning.

Myth 2

If you put your website’s link within your “inner page” with either a zero or low page rank within the domain with a high rank, it will not add value to your website or be of no use.

This is also not true. I learned this info a few minutes some time ago from a knowledgeable woman named Angela. One of Angela’s primary focus is on backlinks. To prove that her claim was false, she suggested that we look up Google and enter the word “backlinks. On page 1 of Google results, there is an article from go-articles that she wrote. She used only backlinks on the pages of sites with authority which had no rank on the page.

Myth 3

If you create more than two backlinks per day, you could be penalized by Google. It is also a bogus claim. Consider your situation in this manner. If you had published an interesting piece on your website on information related to MI5 for instance. MI5 for instance, which was classified and nobody else was aware. What are the number of websites you believe will link on to your website? The number is in the hundreds or thousands, I’d guess. A lot of these links are irrelevant. Google know this and are aware that webmasters cannot determine who links back to them.

We are always advised to provide great content on our websites. If we follow this advice, many websites are likely to connect to your site. Like I said, Google knows this. The only way that I can imagine a website to be penalized is if they have made hundreds of backlinks every day from related websites, as this could suggest that you’ve used some kind type of backlink farms.