Computer Conversion Clips – Learn Why Computer Reading Glasses with Clip-On Technology Aren’t All Equal

The new Computer Conversion Clips were compared to many other clip-on computer reading glasses available on discount websites. There are significant optical and structural differences between the clips. These differences can have a dramatic impact on the computer user, both positively and negatively. The following information will help you get more for your dollar. To ensure the best user experience, we compared clip-on computer reading glasses based on their design advantages, such as size, weight, optical quality, and shape. This was easy to do with the computer conversion clip design advantages, which offer the best choice for reducing eye fatigue, eyestrain, and physical comfort from neck or shoulder pain. What are clip-on computer readers glasses?

The clip-on computer reader glass attaches to the upper portion of wearer’s glasses and magnifies it. This converts the distance prescription of progressive lenses or general wear bifocals to mid-range computer distance. This will enable the wearer to view a computer monitor in the intermediate ranges of 18 to 30 inches better. This will allow the wearer to see intermediate distances such as the computer screen from a normal head position. To see the computer screen clearly, the wearer will not need to raise their chin and move closer to it. Instead, they can lift their chin to see the bifocal portion. The clip-on should cover only the top of the eyeglasses so that the wearer can continue to use the lower reading part of their glasses to see close.

These new Computer Conversion Clips are available to the public through eye care professionals and chiropractors. The new clip-ons won’t be available at your local discount websites. CCC’s offer many design benefits that make it a great value for money. Both eye care professionals and chiropractors understand the digital design benefits of CCC’s and can trust them to treat their patients of bifocal age who are experiencing signs of headaches or neck pains while they work at the computer for more than two hours per day. Because of their convenience and cost savings, computer users purchase clip-on computer readers glasses.

A dedicated pair of computer glasses can cost anywhere from $175 to $350. Costs vary depending on the quality and cost of the glasses frames, as well as the lens types used to achieve intermediate and near vision. A computer reading clip-on can be purchased at your local online store for $20. This sounds great until you discover the design differences of the Computer Conversion Clips. It is important to keep in mind that the majority of neural input into our bodies comes from our eyes. Therefore, vision should be valued. These are the most important differences between Computer Conversion Clips and other clip-on computer glasses that you can buy on discount internet websites.

Quality Lens Materials All of the popular brands of clip-ons that are sold online are made from a polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate is light and strong but can scratch more easily than other plastics. The color of polycarbonate can also be affected by UV exposure and age. Polycarbonate was found to be more difficult than other lenses by approximately 10% of eyewear users.

CCC’s use an acrylic material which is more scratch-resistant than polycarbonate. Acrylic also transmits light more efficiently through the lens medium to the back of your eye than polycarbonate. This material is also used to make motor cycle shields and windows for submarines. The acrylic material is a digital design optics that provides high visual performance throughout the entire lens area.

Antifatigue Designed Optics The optical centers of all the popular clip-on lenses sold online have very large spacing. It makes it more difficult for the eye muscles and retina to keep the computer screen in focus for extended periods of time. To compensate for this wide optical centering, the eyes must turn in, also known as converging, more than usual to maintain stereopsis, and decrease the chance of double vision.

CCC have been designed by eye professionals to reduce strain on your eyes from having to turn in or converge more than usual when you view a computer monitor. This is to ensure that the eye muscles are not overworked and minimize eye strain.

Nonglare Anti-reflection coating: Most clip-ons that are sold online don’t use a multi-layered coating process to reduce glare or reflections. This would make the product more expensive and will be passed on to the customer.

CCC’s have a non-glare, anti-reflection coating that reduces headaches due to excessive glare or reflection. The anti-reflection coating enhances vision by increasing light transmission through the lens to back of the eyes. Bifocal age people need more light. This non-glare antireflection coating will allow for an additional 8 to 10% increase in light to the back.

Size, shape and weight considerations: The majority of the clip-ons that are sold online are larger and heavier than the ones you might expect. This could be because these clips were made when eyeglass sizes were smaller twenty years ago. I was able to find a smaller size at 58 mm X30 mm. Even this smaller size, it was still too big for modern eyewear and weighed 40% more that the CCC. If you don’t know how to measure in millimeters, you may not be able to determine the exact size of the item you order online. The center of gravity of eyeglasses is affected by heavier clips. They can pull the frame down onto your face due to the added weight. Larger sizes can make it more difficult to read the reading section of your glasses. You will need to hold your reading material much closer to the reading area because of the extra magnification. To protect the lenses from scratches when removing the clip from the lens, the clamping arms were coated with a small amount of rubber.

CCC’s are made to cover the upper distance portion of your general wear glasses and can be up to 48% lighter than general wear clips. 51 mm X 26, mm are the lens dimensions. This size is suitable for light-weight rimless eyeglasses. Computer conversion clips are lighter and easier to use. With the CCC’s attached to your glasses, the shape and size feature transforms them into reading and task-specific computer glasses. This makes it easier to use the computer as well as the cubicle. To see clearly from distances greater than 20 feet, you can flip-up your computer conversion clip. Clip-on clamps attach to user’s glasses and have soft gripping boot tips to protect eyeglass lenses from being scratched by the device.

CCC Bonus Benefits: CCC’s offer two simple to use dynamic powers. The clip-on comes with a custom-made crushproof case and a microfiber cloth for cleaning. ECP’s are available to provide additional advice. You can also use the resource box below to get answers to additional questions. The CCC’s come with a money-back guarantee.

Computer conversion clips offer important design advantages. These include lenses material, digitally-designed optics for better vision, anti-fatigue comfort, and special anti-reflection coatings that increase light transmission. You can see all that is possible with an improved ergonomics, scientifically based dynamic power choices, a hard case for protection and a solid guarantee. Do not let price fool you, not all clip on computer glasses are created equal. A clip-on can make your job easier. Be informed and you will be able to work smarter at the computer.