A Career In Fashion Modeling

You’ve probably seen a model in an advertisement or on a TV channel that has a very attractive figure and great poise while surfing the channels. You may have thought for the umpteenth times that you would like to be a model. Models want attention, but so does the money.

Modeling does not mean that you have to travel to exotic places, be pampered, attend celebrity parties, and make thousands of dollars per day. Modeling is more than just being in the spotlight. You can meet the most famous people in fashion and eat the finest cuisines in the world.


Modeling is a demanding career. You need to have physical characteristics that are challenging. First, you must rate yourself. You need to assess your strengths and weaknesses. You don’t have to be perfect. However, you can improve your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Your height should not be less than 5’8″, and your body weight should not be lower than it.

Fashion models are known for following unusual diets and exercising to keep their bodies in line with the strict requirements of the profession. Skin should be clean and free of any blemishes. Hair should not be damaged or dehydrated. Your teeth must be straight and white. They should not be crooked, twisted or otherwise flawed. Half of your job would be accomplished with a million-dollar smile.

Models live a full and fulfilling life. They live extravagant lives and travel from one beautiful place to the next. Modeling is not only fun but also requires dedication, commitment, and genuine interest. Models must balance work and personal lives because of the unpredictable nature of their schedules. Models need to get enough sleep, eat healthy food, and exercise regularly in order to stay fit. Models must take care of their skin and health, as well as their personal grooming.


After you have entered the modeling world, the next step will be to get noticed by an agency. Remember that an agency will need you as much as your talent. You can get a lucrative modeling job if you’re in the right place at right time. Do not expect assignments to come to you. It is important to put in the effort to find them and to give them a push. Send your portfolios to modeling agencies looking for models.

Your portfolio should be simple and effective. However, you don’t need to spend a lot to build a high-end portfolio. Open castings are a common feature at agencies where there is a possibility for newcomers to be selected. An advantage is having experience in similar fields, whether on the ramp, in print or in television ads.

Models can also be hired by movie and film extras agencies. A local departmental store may allow you to work as a model or make an appearance at an event. You will gain valuable experience that will help you get to know the demands of the profession.

Entering the Fashion Circle

You may need to move to another location after being hired by an agency. You may have to move away from family members or travel a lot. It may take some time to gain a significant break in this profession. You need patience and determination until you achieve your goals. Participate in all casting calls and shoots. Even though established models can be notorious for keeping people waiting, rookies cannot afford such antics. You can succeed with perseverance and dedication.