Success Lessons from bong da truc tuyen- How to Win or Lose in The Game Of Life

Soccer matches are about winning and scoring goals. Soccer can be a mirror of life, as many people want to win and achieve goals. Soccer commentators, managers, and players can teach us a lot about life.

Listening to bong da truc tuyen commentators discuss the winning teams is a great way to gauge their character and attitude. They use words like excitement, belief, confidence and effort. While soccer strategies and skills are valuable, they don’t mean much without the right attitude.

Managers encourage their team members to focus, be determined and give their best effort. They encourage their players to expect to win, and to not show too much respect to their rivals no matter how well-known they may be.

It is a pleasure to listen to the great soccer managers’ comments. They’ve all been through hell and back. When their teams win, they are often praised and loved. When their teams lose, they are often criticised and even fired. They are able to distinguish between the joys and despair. They must find ways to manage both emotions and keep their teams motivated to win.

In 2005, Celtic was one of the best two clubs in Scotland when Gordon Strachan became manager. He was soon to experience “the worst night” of his life.

Celtic was defeated 5-0 by Bratislava in the Champions league. This is the most prestigious European competition. He still wears his watch to remind him that it was the worst night in his life. The pride of Scotland, Celtic, was humiliated by a lesser-known team.

He compared other failures to be small. It is possible to learn how to handle difficult situations by reminding yourself of the worst times in your past, or by visualizing how much worse your lives could be.

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. We might be gravely ill, or even die. Gordon has already faced this possibility. According to Gordon, he wanted these words to be engraved on his gravestone.

“This is better than the night in Bratislava.”

To deal with criticisms from the media, he uses humor of exaggeration. One reporter made the following comment after his team lost in Scotland.

“Bang! There’s your unbeaten run. It’s possible.

Strachan said, “No.” Strachan said, “I’m going to fall like a wreck. I’ll go home.
You can become an alcoholic, and even jump off a bridge. Hmm …. I think I can.
Take it, yes.”

If you want to succeed, he knows how important it is to think positively.
Unsuspecting reporter asked: “Is there any negative vibes or negative emotions here?”

Strachan responded: “Apart form yourself, we are all quite positive around here.
I will whack you with a large stick. Down negative man.

Strachan speaks often with a disarming honesty, and a schoolboy’s cheek. He is open to admitting that he and his team are not always at their best. He is open to facing reality. The key trait of a successful person is his willingness to face reality.

He was asked by a reporter: “So Gordon, in which areas do you believe Middlesbrough are better than you today?”

Strachan responded: “What areas?” Mainly the big green one ….”

Although Strachan has suffered defeats, he recently led Celtic to an undisputed victory in Scotland’s Premier League. He is widely recognized as a great manager.

The English Premier League has another great manager. Jose Mourihno is the manager of Chelsea. He arrived in England in June 2004. He quickly proved his trust in himself and his team. He doesn’t want to be judged on the results. A good manager wins. A poor manager loses.

“I don’t support old or new football managers. I believe in both good and bad managers, those who succeed and those who don’t. You don’t have to call me arrogant. I am a European champion and I believe I’m a very special one.”

He quickly proved himself to be a “special one” in England and Portugal, his home country. He believes in himself, as his name suggests. His self-belief, as well as a Russian backer who allows his purchase of the top players in Europe, are key factors in his success in England. It is safe to bet that Chelsea will win most of their matches.

Although the odds of Chelsea winning are low, you can still place PS100 on Chelsea and get a easy PS26. This doesn’t always work out. There is no perfect team!

Mourinho is passionate about soccer, but he keeps his sense of humor and perspective. He was recently asked by Londoners if he was worried about losing the title to Manchester United, his main rivals. He replied in a typical manner:

“No, I am more concerned about bird flu.” The assembled press laughed.

“It’s the swan in Scotland that worries me, seriously. It’s not far away! (In 2006, the UK’s first bird flu-infected creature was the swan.

His team, Chelsea have been criticised over the past few weeks for sending players off for violating the rules. Jose joked ironically when he was asked about his victory against West Brom away from home.

“Maybe that’s because we played with ten guys. This is our best strategy at the moment.”

He is now aware that Chelsea’s main reason for winning so often is because they have top players.

The UK has a very low level of public confidence.

Jose doesn’t believe in picking favourites. He believes in the power and potential of the team, not the individual.

“I don’t want any special relationships with any of his players. I don’t like to talk about individuals. You don’t win trophies by playing, you win trophies by winning teams, and your squads win the trophies.”

Harry Redknapp, Portsmouth is another great manager. He spoke about his players during a match against Burnley, which ended in a draw of 2-2.

“When the crowd was behind them, no one wanted anyone to try anything for fear of being booed.” They wanted to avoid making mistakes and were defensive.

Harry is a good student of human psychology. We will make mistakes or appear foolish if we worry too much about making things difficult. We retreat into our shells to play safe.

This is how I felt when I was playing cricket at school. To avoid dropping a catch, I avoided being near the ball. It took me many years to realize that I was very good at catching.

Commentator: “Harry knows how get his teams moving and how to restore their faith.” They expect to win at Fratton park (the Portsmouth ground) They are confident they will win. They have won three consecutive games and are well on their way to being relegated to a lower division.

Stuart Pierce, a Manchester City manager, also understands the importance of confidence. “We have to go out, and really believe that we can play a little bit.”

These are key success lessons that we can learn from them.

While skill is important, attitude is just as important. Expect to win, and not be too critical of the obstacles in our way. Even if it makes us appear arrogant, we must believe in ourselves and expect to win.

Reminding yourself that there are worse things than failures is a way to handle them. It is important to keep your sense of humor. Collaboration is key to many kinds of success. No matter if we’re playing cricket, soccer, or any other sport, mistakes should not concern us.

It is important to accept reality and to be open to being judged on the results as well as the effort that we put in. Overall, I believe that the effort you put in is more important than the results. While we cannot control all the outcomes, we can control how much effort we put into them. One manager can win with one team while losing with another. He is still the same person, and he made the same efforts.