Technology use in education has been controversial. Many teachers and students believe that technology is beneficial for teaching, while others think it creates too many problems and is a waste. Why is technology so disliked by students if it’s as effective as teachers believe it to?

Three articles were reviewed in order to answer this question objectively. Two of the three articles discuss how technology in the classroom frustrates students, while the third one describes students’ feelings about technology in the classroom. The issue isn’t that technology isn’t effective, but that teachers need to be more aware of how technology can be used in the classroom. Teachers also need to be trained to use technology in teaching so students don’t view it as an obstacle to learning but as a tool to enhance their learning.

We can then summarise the three articles and find that there are two types of students who dislike technology in the classroom. These are those who were not properly exposed by their teachers and those who didn’t take the time to learn about it. Then, we can draw the conclusion that these students would be more likely to appreciate the benefits of technology in the classroom if they were taught how to use it. Let’s first summarise the articles we’re referring to.

According to the article, “When technology is bad for teaching”, many students feel that professors and teachers use technology to impress. Students claim technology makes their teachers less effective than if they stayed to a lecture on the chalkboard (Young). Teachers also waste class time teaching about web tools or using a projector or other software. Teachers who are not familiar with technological tools are more likely to waste their time trying to use them. PowerPoint is the most popular technological tool according to students. It is often used by teachers instead of the lesson plan, students complain. Students complain that it makes it harder to understand. (Young) Students are encouraged to miss more classes by having their PowerPoint presentations posted to the school board by professors.

The article also mentions another problem with technology in schools. While many schools spend time training their staff on how to use that technology, they don’t teach them “strategies to use it well.” According to the writer, schools should offer small monetary incentives for professors and teachers to attend workshops.

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